Help make the new I-5 bridge environmentally friendly!

In Transportation by OLCVstaff

The I-5 bridge across the Columbia River is being replaced, which is potentially exciting news, because we’ll have the opportunity to invest in new light rail. But, we need to make sure that the new bridge doesn’t lead to an increase in traffic–and climate pollution. Luckily, we still have the chance to weigh in. Will you send a message to the Interstate Bridge Replacement Project, and ask them to make the new I-5 bridge climate friendly?

Right now, the plan is to create an 8 lane or 10 lane bridge, leading to more cars, and more climate pollution. Will you tell the Interstate Bridge Replacement Project to decrease the number of lanes?

The I-5 bridge should have more like 6 lanes in order to prevent additional traffic, and it should prioritize public transit. Studies have shown that more lanes lead to more cars–and transportation is already Oregon’s number one source of climate pollution. Will you write to the Interstate Bridge Replacement Project, and ask them to make sure the bridge has fewer car lanes?

We also want to make sure that the I-5 bridge centers equity and justice, and that it reduces the impact on the residents of Hayden Island.

This is our opportunity to make sure the I-5 crossing is climate-friendly and equitable. Please speak up now–before their meeting on Thursday–to make sure that the new I-5 bridge prioritizes light rail and doesn’t increase traffic pollution.

Thank you,

Julia DeGraw
Coalition Director, OLCV