Help Keep the Clean Energy Jobs Bill Strong

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

2019 could be a historic year for Oregon. It could be the year we decide to cap climate pollution for the largest polluters in the state. It could be the year we create a green economy, one that runs on renewable energy and supports local people. It could be the year we pledge to increase energy efficiency, and create affordable housing options near public transit. It could be the year we take action—the year we pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill.

Tomorrow, state legislators will be meeting in Salem to discuss the proposed bill. The legislative session is just around the corner, and hearings like this are starting points for crafting the language and details of the bill. We’ve been fighting for Clean Energy Jobs for years, and we need to make sure that the final result is as strong as possible. Will you ask your legislators to stand up for a strong Clean Energy Jobs bill?

The fossil fuel industry is determined to weaken and kill the bill. We can’t let them. Clean Energy Jobs must reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions in both the long and the short term. Longer term goals in the bill ensure we truly tackle climate change, and interim targets are critical—best available science requires we make major greenhouse gas reductions in the next 10-15 years to avoid locking in irreversible climate change impacts. Those near term reductions are more critical than gradually achieving them by 2050. But fossil fuel interests want to buy themselves more time to reach those goals, pushing out interim targets several years or even decades.

We don’t have time to spare. The only way to prevent the most extreme effects of climate change is by taking immediate action. We can’t cater to industry any longer, not when so much is at stake. Make sure your legislators uphold interim targets in the Clean Energy Jobs bill so we can act on climate as quickly and effectively as possible.

Your legislators need to hear your voice. They need to know that you’re going to fight for the Clean Energy Jobs bill, and that you’re not only going to make sure it passes; you’re going to make sure that it’s the best it can be.