Help elect a climate champion–Andrea Salinas for Congress!

In Endorsements, Fundraising by OLCVstaff

The primary election is only two weeks away, and we have the chance to elect a climate champion to congressional district 6–State Representative Andrea Salinas. It’s a critical time, and we need your help today to win this race.

Andrea comes from a legacy of hard work and determination: her father immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico, and got his start picking cotton and tomatoes before moving into a good-paying union job. As a young adult, Andrea worked multiple jobs to get herself through college. That determination and work ethic has never left her.

When her daughter, Amelia, was born, Andrea wanted to do everything she could to create a better future. That’s why Andrea joined OLCV’s board of directors, and, later, why she ran for state representative. She’s long been a leader in the fight to invest in clean energy and protect Oregon’s clean air and water, with the foundational belief that change is possible if we work for it.

Are you able to donate $6, $25, $50 or more today to Andrea’s campaign? We really need your help, because there’s a lot at stake in this election. One of Andrea’s opponents, Carrick Flynn, has sympathized with anti-climate and anti-democracy group Timber Unity, and he has criticized the endangered species status of the northern spotted owl. And I’m sure you’ve by now heard that a Bahamas-based crypto billionaire is spending millions of dollars to get Flynn elected. We can’t let Carrick Flynn win–please donate to help Andrea win the primary! 

Congressional district 6–and all of Oregon–deserves someone like Andrea guiding us forward, not someone like Carrick Flynn turning us back. Please donate $6 or more today, and help Andrea win this primary.

Thank you,

Doug Moore
Executive Director, OLCV