Help Ban Fracking in Oregon

In Fracking by OLCVstaff

Exciting news! A new bill, HB 2623, would ban hydraulic fracturing—also known as fracking—in Oregon. It will be up for a vote on the House floor any day now; make sure your State Representative knows to vote yes to ban frackingWill you ask your Representative to support the bill?

Fracking—the process of getting natural gas out of the ground—pollutes groundwater with toxic chemicals, and releases a high amount of greenhouse gases into the air, contributing to climate change. Fracking is so disruptive that it’s been known to cause earthquakes in places that usually don’t have them, like Oklahoma. Those who live near fracking areas are more likely to have asthma, certain types of cancer, and cardiac or neurological issues.

Wherever it goes, the fracking industry leaves a path of destruction in its wake. Help stop it from coming to Oregon. If frackingcompanies start coming to our state, they would use millions of gallons of local water during the fracking process, leaving behind a slew of toxic waste ponds. Much of our groundwater could become polluted and too toxic to drink. In the age of climate change and increased drought, we need to be saving water, not wasting it. And we certainly can’t afford to allow new greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

The House will be voting on the bill in the next few days. Can you take a minute to ask your Representative to vote yes on HB 2623, and ban fracking in Oregon?

This bill would keep Oregon safe from fracking for decades to come, and it would also help us prevent new greenhouse gas emissions from contributing to climate change. Let’s keep our natural gas in the ground! It’s in everyone’s best interest to ban fracking in Oregon. Our bright, green farmland, our wide, sagebrush plains, and our clear, mountain rivers will be saved from toxic pollution at the hands of thefracking industry. Please urge your Representative to vote yes on HB 2623, and ban fracking in Oregon.