Hello from Salem! We’re handing out scorecards, and need your help.

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As you read this, my fellow Engagement Organizer Marquis and I are at the state capitol, visiting each and every legislator’s office to drop off a special delivery—our 2019 Environmental Scorecard!

Oregon’s legislators are only going to be in Salem for three days, for what’s known as ‘Legislative Days.’ Handing out OLCV’s Environmental Scorecard is one way we’re holding them accountable for unfinished business on Clean Energy Jobs. Can you help us? Make sure your state senator and representative know their scores: send them a message and ask them to read the Scorecard while they’re still in Salem

This year’s Environmental Scorecard is unlike any we’ve done before. For the first time, seventeen Senators have received ‘Incomplete’ scores for the session. And, for the first time, the cover is not a celebration of nature, but a reminder of the disappointment young people felt when the Clean Energy Jobs bill—and their future—was unfairly traded away.

In order to fix those ‘Incomplete’ scores, legislators need to take action in 2020. Oregon needs to do its part to reduce our emissions and work toward a solution to the climate crisis, and Clean Energy Jobs is our best way of doing that (while also boosting our economy and creating jobs!). Other states have already passed bold climate legislation, and Oregon is steadily falling behind.

Not only that—as scientists keep reminding us, we’re also running out of time. Ten years is all we have left to act on climate. But here’s the good news: we’re also more determined than ever. Oregonians are ready for climate action. We’re ready to transition to renewable energy. Ready for better public transportation. Ready for cleaner air, and, most of all, ready for a bright future, one not marred by the threat of climate chaos. And, together, we have the power to make that happen.

Please send a message to your legislators: urge them to read the Environmental Scorecard, and pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill during the 2020 legislative session.

Marquis and I are hand-delivering physical copies of our Scorecard today, but you can also check it out online. How did your legislators score? Are they one of the seventeen legislators who got an ‘Incomplete’ score for the 2019 session, or are they one of the six climate superstars who got a 100% score? Peruse the entire Scorecard online here, and then ask your legislators to do the same.

Let’s make sure Oregon’s leaders know that we’re holding them accountable. We won’t rest until our state acts on climate, and we’re glad to have you fighting alongside us for a better future.