Good News: Historic Clean Truck Rules Pass!

In Climate Change, Pollution by OLCVstaff

Last week, the Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) passed a historic set of Clean Truck Rules that will lead to cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon! Will you send a quick thank you to Governor Brown and the EQC, using our online tool?

These new rules are going to make a big impact. Every year, trucks, buses, and delivery vans contribute to almost half of Oregon’s climate pollution from transportation and 70% of our smog pollution, leading to 176 premature deaths, 25,910 lost work days, and $3.5 billion in costs each year–especially in low-income communities and communities of color.

That’s why OLCV joined Clean Air, Healthy Communities–a coalition of 30+ environmental groups that have been working to spread awareness about a just-transition to clean trucks. Last week, all this advocacy paid off! Send an email to Governor Brown and the EQC and thank them for passing the strong Clean Truck Rules that we’ve been fighting for! 

The Clean Truck Rules will require manufacturers to sell at least 30-50% new, zero-emission trucks in Oregon by 2030, and 40-75% by 2035. They also include a lower emissions standard for new trucks sold, cutting smog pollution to 75% below current standards beginning in 2025 and 90% below current standards beginning in 2027.

That means cleaner air, healthier communities, and a big step toward climate action here in Oregon. Please send an email letting Governor Brown and the EQC know that you support their decision to pass the Clean Truck Rules, and encourage them to take similar action in the future!

Thank you,

Julia DeGraw
Coalition Director, OLCV