Filling out your ballot? Here are the environmental champs in your area!

In Endorsements by OLCVstaff

The countdown is on: Election Day is less than two weeks away! And every day from now through November 3rd is critical for getting out the vote and helping create a better future for Oregon.

Ballots were mailed out last week, and Oregon is already seeing record voter turnout so far. Let’s keep that momentum going! If you’re an early voter and have already turned in your ballot, thank you so much for voting! Will you help us continue to Get Out the Vote by reminding three friends to turn in their ballots?

If you’re still deciding who to vote for, I want to remind you that you can find OLCV’s environmental endorsements on our website! Check it out here and please share with your friends! There are some close races this year—your vote could be the one that elects a climate champion and boots a climate denier out of office. Make sure you and your friends make your voices heard!

This election is an especially big deal for the climate. According to scientists, we have less than ten years to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We simply don’t have time to deal with climate deniers—like Oregon’s Republican lawmakers who walked out on climate legislation. We need pro-climate candidates in office who are ready to take action nowThe future is, quite literally, at stake in this election. 

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about two really close statewide races on all of our ballots: Shemia Fagan for Secretary of State, and Tobias Read for State Treasurer. Shemia and Tobias are both proven fighters for climate action who won’t give in to big polluters. They’re the kind of people we need guiding Oregon toward a clean energy future, protecting our public lands, and fighting for clean air and water in our communities.

We also have the chance to create change through statewide ballot measures—OLCV endorses Yes for Fair and Honest Elections (Measure 107), which would allow for limits on campaign contributions, Yes for a Healthy Future (Measure 108) which would reduce youth vaping, and Yes for More Treatment, A Better Oregon (Measure 110) which would mandate health-based rather than punishment-based treatment for those suffering from drug addiction. Please vote yes on these three measures to help support all of Oregon’s people, and create a healthier and more equitable future.

I know that, with the pandemic and the wildfires, this has been an unpredictable year, to say the least. Thankfully, Oregon has two easy and safe ways to turn in your ballot. You can either mail in your ballot—for free!—by October 27th, or turn it into a drop box near you by 8pm on November 3rd. We have the chance to build a better Oregon, this election. Please vote for the kind of future Oregon deserves!