Fighting back: your comment needed now!

In Ballot Measures, Climate Change by OLCVstaff

2020 is going to be the year that Oregon takes bold climate action. It has to be. If legislators let us down and don’t pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill during the short session, we’ll take it to the ballot box.

That is—if the Secretary of State lets us. Last month, Secretary of State Bev Clarno and Deputy Secretary Rich Vial rejected our 100% Clean Electricity and 100% Clean Economy ballot measures to stop them from going to a vote this November. This is the second time that Secretary Clarno has killed an environmental protection ballot measure in order to protect corporate polluters.

That’s why we’re fighting back—and we need your help! Please join us in telling Secretary Clarno and Deputy Secretary Vial that their actions are unjust, and will not be tolerated by Oregonians.

The claims Clarno and Vial have made about the ballot measures are so unconstitutional, unprecedented, and without merit that the Attorney General has refused to defend them.

An Oregonian investigation uncovered that Clarno and Vial have hired corporate lawyers, who work for polluters and the timber industry, at $700 an hour to do their legal dirty work. Not only are they stopping environmental progress, they’re wasting taxpayer dollars.

Time is of the essence. Next week the Secretary of State’s office will begin the process of reviewing our Toxic Reduction and Right to Know ballot measure. We MUST make sure they put politics aside and do their job. Contact the Secretary of State’s office today and let them know that Oregonians will not stand for this outrageous attack on Oregon’s citizen initiative system.