The Environmental Leadership Circle is a community that brings together OLCV’s strongest supporters with their peers and elected officials to help ensure that Oregon is a leader in sustainability and environmental protection.

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ELC Member Benefits Include:

  • Invitations to exclusive ELC events around the state 
  • Special “Insider” communications
  • Connecting with elected officials and policymakers to discuss new and innovative ideas for environmental policy
  • Joining a community of individuals committed to protecting Oregon’s natural legacy

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Individual membership for the Environmental Leadership Circle begins at only $500.  Join today to help pass laws to protect the environment and aid strong pro-conservation leaders in elections. 

Supporters are needed at all six giving levels:

  • LEGACY CIRCLE: Beginning at $25,000
  • GUARDIAN CIRCLE: Beginning at $10,000
  • STEWARD CIRCLE: Beginning at $5,000
  • DEFENDER CIRCLE: Beginning at $2,500
  • ADVOCATE CIRCLE: Beginning at $1,000
  • MEMBER CIRCLE: Beginning at $500

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The ELC Brings Leaders Together for Oregon

Oregon is blessed with diverse natural beauty, and has often been on the forefront of key environmental debates that have had consequences far outside our state’s border. More recently, federal lawmakers have fallen down on their responsibility to protect our environment, or simply passed on the responsibility to state and local leaders.  As a result we must rely more heavily on state and local laws to protect our families and the special places we love.

In recent elections, OLCV has helped many pro-environment candidates win victories across the state, including Governor Kate Brown.  We helped to pass important environmental laws in the state legislature, including the nation’s most aggressive Renewable Energy Standard and first low-carbon fuel standard. 

But we still have a long way to go. In the 2019 legislative session, we’ll be fighting for the Clean Energy Jobs bill, a historic initiative that will fine big polluters and invest in a renewable energy economy. This bill would make Oregon a leader on climate, and it would create good-paying green jobs for Oregonians.

Join the Environmental Leadership Circle. Give online on our secure server, call our office at 503-224-4011, or mail your contribution to:

321 SW Fourth Ave., Suite 600
Portland, OR 97204

For more information, send an email to or call 503-224-4011.