Enter OLCV’s 2021 Environmental Photo Contest!

In Photo Contest by OLCVstaff

It’s that time again–OLCV’s 2021 Environmental Photo Contest! This year, we’re switching things up–instead of one overriding theme, there are three different photo contest categories you can enter:

  • Pet Adventures: Does your dog love to paddle-board with you? Does your cat ride in your backpack while you hike? We want to see! Show us cute pictures of you and your pets on outdoor adventures or enjoying the natural world. I myself just got a sweet little puppy named Cashew, and am looking forward to taking some majestic pictures of her at our upcoming Timothy Lake camping trip. I’ll be sure to share with you for some photo contest inspiration!
  • Local Wildlife: Have you captured any photos of Oregon wildlife–an owl, a deer, a wandering bobcat, or maybe even a whale off the coast? Send in your best high-quality wildlife shots for a chance to win!
  • Climate Change Close to Home: Show us the impacts of climate change in your life–the sky above your house, rusted with wildfire smoke, or a barren tidepool at the coast, once full of sea stars, or perhaps your garden, where drought and heat have turned crops to dust. Or, show us the people and places you love that will be affected by climate change in the future–your favorite stream that is starting to get lower every summer, or a picture of you and your family on a mountaintop that will one day be snowless.

Submit your photo(s) by attaching them in an email to respond@olcv.org, with ‘Photo Contest’ in the subject line. Make sure to include the photo contest category, your name, the location where the photo was taken, and a sentence or two explaining why it’s meaningful to you.

The grand-prize winner will be featured on the cover of our upcoming 2021 Environmental Scorecard for the Oregon Legislature, and the winners of each category will be featured at our Annual Celebration for the Environment this fall. In addition, all winners will receive a surprise gift.

You have until Wednesday, September 1st to send your photo(s) to respond@olcv.org. I can’t wait to see them!