Stand Up for Oregon on Earth Day

In Legislative Session by OLCVstaff

This Earth Day, all of us at OLCV are hard at work trying to get our Priorities for a Healthy Oregon passed. As you know, there are some exciting pro-environment bills in play this year that will make Oregon a healthier, cleaner, and greener place to live.

We’re already about halfway into the legislative session, and, thanks to your activism, we’ve been able to keep our Priorities for a Healthy Oregon strong. Now, we need your help to take these pro-environment bills closer to the finish line. Will you help us celebrate Earth Day by writing to your legislators? 

Here’s the current status of our 2019 Priorities for a Healthy Oregon:

Safer Oil Trains
HB 2209 would strengthen Oregon’s oil-by-rail laws. This would help make railside communities safer by improving emergency response to future oil train spills/explosions. As we continue to learn about the proposed Zenith terminal expansion in Portland, it is more critical than ever that we give DEQ the authority to regulate oil trains. Currently, HB 2209 is in Joint Ways and Means, where the budget for the bill is being discussed. Importantly, the bill does not require any taxpayer dollars, and is in Ways and Means only to authorize the agencies to spend the money.

Soil and Water Protection Act 
HB 3058 would ban Chlorpyrifos, an extremely dangerous pesticide that puts the health of farmworkers at risk. Chlorpyrifos has already been banned in Hawaii, and we hope to follow their lead. HB 3058 is currently being deliberated in House Rules.

Ditching Dirty Diesel
HB 2007 would make our air cleaner by requiring businesses to swap out their diesel trucks for newer, cleaner-burning engines. HB 2007 is currently being deliberated in House Rules.

Clean Energy Jobs
This revolutionary bill is our top priority this session. HB 2020 would fine big corporations for emitting high amounts of carbon pollution. That money would be invested in Oregon’s renewable energy economy, helping us create the strong foundations needed to transition to a solar, wind, and water powered society. HB 2020 is currently being discussed by the Joint Carbon Reduction Committee.

For environmental activists like you and me, Earth Day is a time both for reflection and goal-setting; a time to appreciate how far we’ve come, and how far we still have to go. We want to thank all of our awesome OLCV members who have taken action so far this year. It’s because of you that we have the chance to regulate oil-by-rail, ban chlorpyrifos, get diesel fleets off the road, and create thousands of good-paying jobs in renewable energy. Will you help us keep the momentum going through the rest of the legislative session? Send your legislators an Earth Day email, and ask them to support these bills however they can!