Don’t Let Your Legislators Forget About the Climate Crisis

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

Today, Oregon’s legislators are in Salem for the first time since the legislative session ended. And, as we all know, they have one glaring piece of unfinished business—the Clean Energy Jobs bill. Send an email to your legislators right now while they’re in the Capitol, and let them know that you are still waiting on climate action. 

The last weeks of session are still fresh in our minds—the empty seats of the runaway Republican Senators, the youth climate activists protesting on the Capitol steps, the crowds of people in Clean Energy Jobs shirts, urging climate action and determined to not give up.

And now, Governor Brown—despite her promise to use “every tool in the toolbox” on climate action—has announced a special session for another bill, rather than addressing Clean Energy Jobs.

Help with a quick message to your legislators and Gov. Brown and ask them what their plan is—how and when will they take action on climate? 

Governor Brown has said, “doing nothing to reduce emissions is not an option.” She’s right. But you can’t change the future without acting today, and every day without climate action is only going to make it even harder on our kids. They deserve better. Like every parent, I want to tell my son I did everything possible to protect his future. That when action was needed, I didn’t hesitate.

Legislators will only be in Salem for three days. Make sure your State Senator, State Representative, and Gov. Brown don’t forget that they have unfinished business. We can’t let them forget that Oregonians overwhelmingly want big polluters held accountable and a just transition to a renewable energy economy. Several other states have already passed bold climate legislation, including New York, Wisconsin, Washington, New Jersey, and New Mexico. Oregon needs to do our part. Please write to your legislators before they leave Salem! 

With your help, Oregon can be a leader in the climate movement. State by state, country by country, we all need to work together to create resilient communities, transition to a thriving clean energy economy, and protect our climate. Please send your legislators an email today!