Deadline this Friday

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This Friday, December 31st, is the deadline to use your Oregon Political Tax Credit. It’s a free $50 donation ($100 for couples filing jointly) that you can give to OLCV and get back when you file your taxes. Our records indicate that you have not given to the OLCV PAC yet this year. Click here to donate and use your Political Tax Credit before it’s too late!

Wondering if you qualify? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

You are eligible for Oregon’s Political Tax Credit if:
1. You are an Oregon resident.
2. You will submit an Oregon tax return for 2021.
3. You make less than $75,000 (individual) or $150,000 (couple filing jointly).

Donate to the OLCV PAC

2022 is a critical election year that will set the course for the future of Oregon’s climate and environment. Will you donate to OLCV today and ensure that we have the resources we need to elect environmental champions next year?

Thanks for all you do.

April Christenson
OLCV Development Director

P.S. If you don’t qualify for the Political Tax Credit, please consider making an end-of-year contribution to OLCV in whatever amount is right for you. We can’t do our work without you.