At OLCV, our goal is to stand up for Oregon's people and places. We urge state legislators to support pro-environment initiatives that reduce pollution, protect wildlands and wildlife, create healthy and vibrant communities, and address climate change. 

To learn more about the pro-environment bills that OLCV and the Oregon Conservation Network have helped pass, check out the OLCV Scorecard.

  • Transition away from coal, natural gas, and other polluting energy sources 
  • Ensure funding for renewable energy initiatives like solar and wind
  • Promote energy efficiency, recycling, and waste reduction to reduce energy usage
  • Improve alternative transportation routes, such as bike/walking paths and public transit 
  • Support the communities most affected by climate change, including low-income communities and communities of color
  • Create a culture of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion at OLCV (see our Equity Page for more details on the work we're doing internally!)
  • Weave equity into all of our work and be mindful of the intersections between environmental and social justice
  • Center the voices and leadership of historically marginalized communities, including low-income communities, rural communities, and communities of color
  • Hold elected leaders accountable not only for their actions related to climate action and environmental protection, but also related to equity and fairness
  • Make democratic systems accessible to all people
  • Protect threatened and endangered native species, including:
    • Gray wolves
    • Sea otters
    • Sage grouse
    • Wolverines
    • Cougars
    • Beavers
    • California condors
    • Bees & other pollinators
  • Increase funding for invasive species control
  • Protect urban wildlife habitat
  • Maintain public ownership of Common School Fund lands
  • Protect old-growth forests
  • Promote sustainable logging practices that avoid clear-cuts and toxic chemicals, increase stream buffers, and incorporate carbon sequestration strategies
  • Ensure that at least three new Scenic Waterways are designated every two years
  • Secure funding for water quality monitoring 
  • Find a solution to coastal plastic pollution
  • Enforce Oregon's offshore gas and drilling moratorium 
  • Ban seismic, sonar, and explosives testing off Oregon's shores
  • Secure funding for ocean acidification research 
  • Protect Oregon's marine protected areas
Aquatic Wildlife
  • Help strengthen wild, native fish populations and habitat 
  • Reduce the number of genetically modified fish in our waterways
  • Secure funding for boat checks to reduce the spread of invasive species
  • Include all communities (particularly marginalized or underserved communities) in land use decisions 
  • Consider the resiliency of human and non-human/natural communities in all land use decisions
  • Improve responses to flooding, storms, landslides, wildfires, and other extreme weather events which will become more common in the wake of climate change
  • Create more funding for alternative transportation like biking, walking, buses, and rail
  • Find a balance between conservation and working farms and forests
  • Clean up brownfields and other toxic urban areas
  • Improve drinking water quality by reducing groundwater and surface water pollution
  • Reduce air pollution from both industrial sources, such as jet fuel, and residential sources, such as wood-burning stoves
  • Reduce pesticide use in cities and agricultural areas 
  • Reduce exposure to toxins such as radon and lead in homes and workplaces
  • Reduce toxins in consumer products
  • Reduce pollutants in fisheries to help make fishing a safe food source 
  • Prevent and warn public of toxic algae blooms
Healthy Communities
  • Create livable communities with parks, green spaces, pedestrian/biking trails, etc.
  • All policies should consider the disproportionate impact of pollution on low-income communities and communities of color, as well as the unequal amount of resources these communities have to remedy such issues

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