“Heroes are not statues framed against a red sky; they are people who say: ‘this is my community and it’s my responsibility to make it better.'”Tom McCall, Oregon Governor

Who Are We? We’re Your Friends and Neighbors.

OLCV’s County Leadership Committees are made up of citizens just like you and your neighbors. We want to make sure that Oregon’s children have clean air and water, that Oregon families have stable jobs and affordable energy and transportation options, and that Oregon’s treasures –like the Metolius River basin—are protected from sprawl.

What Do We Do?

Elect Pro-Environment Candidates and Hold All Our Elected Officials Accountable.

OLCV’s County Leadership Committees form the heart of the organization — a forum in which individual volunteers play leadership roles in identifying and electing environmental leaders to city, county, and state office. 

Why Do We Matter?

We Educate and Mobilize Voters.

The OLCV County Leadership Committee Program started in 1997, and currently includes nine counties. It has grown into a powerful grassroots force. Since its founding, OLCV has recruited voluteers through our chapters to talk with tens of thousands of voters about which candidates they should trust with Oregon’s legacy.

How Do I Join?

Send us an email at and let us know which county you live in, and one of our engagement organizers will reach out to you!