OLCV’s Commitment to Racial Equality

In Equity by OLCVstaff

Like many others across the nation, we are grieving the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others at the hands of law enforcement. We stand with the Black community in calling for justice, accountability, and an end to police brutality.

The environment and racial justice are interrelated. Black communities are less likely to have clean air and water, have endured greater suffering from the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and face daily threats of harassment and violence from law enforcement. The racist power structures that our country was built upon lead Black communities to fear for their families’ health, safety, and lives every day. This systemic racism has to stop.

Our commitment to fighting for a healthy environment for all people means that we must fight against systemic racism, and work as an anti-racist organization. We recognize that racism dehumanizes all of us, and we are committed to taking anti-racist action. We recognize the leadership of frontline organizations and individuals, and we stand among those calling for a new society in which we are all safe to live and breathe, no matter our skin color. We encourage you to support the groups who are leading on this work, including Black Lives Matterthe NAACPColor of ChangeCampaign ZeroFair Fightthe PDX Protest Bail Fund, and so many others. For more on what OLCV is doing, and to read our equity statement, visit the equity page on our website.