Two climate action events to kick off your new year!

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This year, we have one resolution—to make sure Oregon passes the Clean Energy Jobs bill in 2020. Want to help make it happen? Here are two ways to get involved:

Legislators are negotiating the details of the Clean Energy Jobs bill in preparation for the February short session, and corporate polluters are already trying to weaken the bill. It’s never been more critical that we stand up and fight back! Join us as we meet with legislators, spread the word on social media, and attend a public hearing on the bill. Together, we can protect Oregon’s climate future and make our voices heard. RSVP for the January 13th climate hearing and day of action here!

Join activists from across the state as we rally for Clean Energy Jobs! The short session is only five weeks long, so we have to be bigger and bolder than ever if we want Clean Energy Jobs to pass in 2020. Help show legislators the overwhelming support for strong, equitable climate legislation at the biggest Clean Energy Jobs action of the year. RSVP for the February 11th rally here!

The 2020’s will be our last decade to prevent greenhouse gas emissions from passing the tipping point. We’re already seeing the effects of climate change in Oregon: right now, 72% of Oregon’s population is experiencing drought; the snowpack in the Cascades is half the size of the historical average; and sea levels along the coast have already risen by .95 inches. And the disastrous fires in Australia and the Amazon have sent a clear warning of what is to come if we don’t make changes in time. The longer we wait, the worse the effects of climate change will become.

Now is the time to take action. Together, we can steer Oregon toward a path of renewable energy, resilient ecosystems, and healthy, thriving communities. We hope you’ll stand with us at the Clean Energy Jobs hearing on Monday, and the Climate Emergency Rally next month.

Here’s to working toward meaningful change in 2020!