Climate Change

2020 Vision Statement: Meet Oregon’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to levels determined safe by the best available science. Oregon will work collaboratively with other jurisdictions as well as serve as a model for state, regional, and national action. In so doing, Oregon will create vibrant and resilient communities and natural spaces and create a thriving and just low-carbon economy.

Clean Energy Jobs

Our state is poised to reap the rewards of good-paying jobs, clean air, and local, renewable energy by putting a price on climate pollution and reinvesting the proceeds into our communities.


Limit climate pollution statewide for emitters of 25,000 tons of greenhouse gases per year, about the equivalent of burning 133 train cars full of coal. In other words, your favorite brewery or the store down the street will not fall under the cap, only the largest polluters in the state. The cap will decline over time through 2050 to ensure we reach our reduction targets and provide certainty for business.


The largest emitters will pay for every ton of climate pollution they put into our air. The price is stable and adjusted over time to ensure the cap is not exceeded giving polluters incentive to cut emissions and allowing flexibility to do so efficiently and at least cost.


At least $700 million per year in proceeds will be reinvested in clean energy solutions in Oregon — like affordable solar, energy efficient homes and businesses to save on bills, transportation, electric vehicles, and healthier communities. Major investment will go to reduce pollution and grow opportunities for low-income and rural communities, communities of color, and training workers in Oregon. Equity and a just transition to clean energy are central to the policy.

A Clean Energy Economy for All

“The Clean Energy Jobs bill will create economic prosperity for Oregonians in every corner of our state and in every walk of life.”Rep. Julie Fahey
By acting now, Oregon will reap rewards — including clean, renewable energy and thousands of good paying jobs all over the state.

More than 48,000 Oregonians working in the clean and green economy, producing $7 billion in goods and services. Imagine what major new investment could do!

Oregon is home to more than 130 wind and solar companies and suppliers alone, making us poised to be a leader in the national clean energy job market.

Investing in clean energy creates opportunities for employment across all skill levels – and up to 3-times more jobs than investing the same amount in fossil fuel production.

Clean energy investments in Oregon directly created 5,300 jobs and indirectly supporting thousands of additional jobs. Jobs for Oregonians with all kinds of skills like construction workers, engineers, designers, manufacturing workers, salespeople, administrators and custodians.