Clean Fuels Program Expansion Action Alert

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Hey there,

Now is the time to speak up on behalf of our state and planet at large. Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has opened the stage for public comment in support of expanding the Clean Fuels Program (CFP) in Oregon, and we need you to ask them for a bigger, bolder CFP by the deadline on July 21st at 4:00 PM. 

The program, which reduces carbon pollution from vehicles, has already been wildly successful, as it has shaved over 6 million tons of pollution from Oregon’s atmosphere for a healthier climate. Expanding the CFP could lead to it becoming one of our state’s most important piece of climate action in 2022.

DEQ is looking to grow the scope of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program, but big oil is doing everything they can to ensure that Oregon’s CFP is weakened to undercut its climate benefits and protect corporate profits. This is why we need you to fight for the CFP to include:

An increase in the targets for cutting carbon density, shooting for reductions above and beyond the previous goals of 20% below 2015 emission levels by 2030 and 37% below 2015 emission levels by 2035. The less carbon in our atmosphere due to clean energy, the better!

A commitment to achieving a reduction in emissions primarily through the use of electric energy for a cleaner, healthier climate in Oregon.

Concrete plans for funding and increasing access to clean energy infrastructure for rural and low income communities and for those living on tribal reservations, as well as Oregon’s BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) population overall. Those who are too-often slighted by structural inequality and our governing bodies deserve healthy living environments too!

You may be asking– why aren’t the already-proposed climate goals of the CFP enough? Between drought, wildfire, and heat waves, Oregon has witnessed harmful climate disasters that will continue and worsen if we don’t take increasingly drastic climate action and transition to clean energy as soon as possible. Humanity is at the tipping point for taking action on climate change, so we must urge the DEQ to go bigger in their plans to reduce carbon pollution from Oregon’s cars and trucks, and at a more rapid pace than what has been proposed.

I’m sure you’re tired of high gas prices gouged by out-of-state fossil fuel companies retaliating against climate protections. This is why it is vital we use our voices to speak up in support of expanding the CFP, as it will help guarantee price stability for electric energy homed in-state as opposed to volatility determined by distant oil companies and foreign conflict. 

Finally, the CFP will create employment opportunities for green jobs, as well as drive innovation in eco-friendly technology and infrastructure, resulting in a cleaner Oregon climate that cuts pollution and its detrimental health impacts. Will you submit written public comment before 4:00 PM on 7/21/22 to push the DEQ to expand the scope and goals of the Clean Fuels Program  and safeguard our state from the wrath of the climate crisis as well as the corporate polluters working to exacerbate it?

Thank you,

Will Bertellotti, Communications Coordinator, OLCV.