Let Your Legislators Know You Care About Clean Energy Jobs

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

Portland’s summers weren’t always this hot. When I was a kid, we endured one or two 100 degree days each summer. My parents–like many of my neighbors–didn’t have air conditioning, but we set up small fans and sprayed ourselves with the garden hose. We made it through, because days in the 100’s or high 90’s were rare.

But, due to to climate change, the Pacific Northwest has grown hotter. Oregon’s four hottest summers on record have occurred in the last two decades. So far, in 2018, Oregon has already suffered 13 days above 90 degrees, and over 520 wildfires. It’s only mid-July.

Climate change threatens every corner of our state, from the glaciers on Mt. Hood to the oysters in Yaquina Bay, and the effects grow worse each year. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill.

Proposed for the 2019 session, Clean Energy Jobs would cap climate pollution for industrial sources that currently emit 25,000 tons of greenhouse gases per year, making these huge emitters pay for every ton of climate pollution they put into the air. We’ll be able to invest that money into clean energy solutions like public transit, renewable energy, and green jobs training, while also giving special funds to rural communities to aid their fight against wildfires and drought.

Imagine an Oregon where salmon no longer glisten up the Columbia; where pears and apples no longer grow in Hood River. Imagine an Oregon where 100 degree days are common and expected. This is what climate change promises if we don’t take action in time.

Clean Energy Jobs has a real chance of passing at the 2019 session, but only if you let your legislators know that you’re invested in Oregon’s climate future.

Ten other states have successfully initiated cap and invest programs that create jobs and support local economies, and we could be the eleventh.

Though we’re six months away from the 2019 legislative session, the legislature is already hard at work. A few days ago, our lobbyist Paige attended the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction hearing in Salem. She said that the room was packed with legislators, climate advocates, and corporate opposition, all intensely watching and listening.

The Clean Energy Jobs bill will help fight climate change, build more resilient communities, and strengthen the economy. Email your legislators today and let them know that Clean Energy Jobs needs to pass, and that Oregon’s future depends on it.