Will You Stand Up for Future Generations?

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by Emily Cigarroa, OLCV Intern

As a 17 year old, my right to a future is not a guarantee. Climate change presents an extremely urgent threat, as I will have to face the impacts of rising global temperatures for the rest of my life. From increased drought, to mass extinctions, to rising sea levels, climate change will be detrimental to my generation, even though we weren’t the ones who caused it.

The good news is that we still have time to turn things around. According to scientists, we have about ten years to prevent the worst effects of climate crisis. That’s not much time, but it’s time, and Oregon has a plan—the Clean Energy Jobs bill (HB 2020).

The Clean Energy Jobs bill just passed out of Ways and Means and will be going to the House for a vote any day now. After that, it will only need to be passed by the Senate and signed by the governor, and then it will become law. We’re so close!

Help us get the Clean Energy Jobs bill over the finish line! Here are two ways you can take action:

I may not be of voting age yet, but I’m still incredibly passionate about contributing to the fight against climate change. That’s why I decided to become an intern with OLCV, and why I’m one of the founding members of OLCV’s Youth Leaders for Climate Action Committee. I’m especially passionate about adding an equity and justice framework to all the actions we take and decisions we make.

One of my favorite things about the HB 2020 is that it invests in the people who will be hurt first and worst by climate change: impoverished communities and communities of color. We cannot fight for environmentalism without seeing how it intersects with social justice, and the Clean Energy Jobs bill gives us an equitable way forward. HB 2020’s commitment to equity and justice aligns with my passions, as I hope to hold a future working for advocacy groups like the ACLU who protect the rights and futures of all Americans, not just the wealthy and affluent.

HB 2020 is Oregon’s best chance to act on climate. This bill has been 10 years in the making—ever since I was in elementary school!—and now, finally, it has a real chance of passing. It’s time to bring the bill one step closer to becoming a reality.

In order to protect all of our rights to a future, I hope that everyone joins the fight against climate change. By the time I’m only 27, it will be too late to take action, and my climate fate will already be sealed. This is my last week of my junior year of high school, and there would be no better way to go into summer than with the Clean Energy Jobs bill passing the House! Please RSVP for our Climate Week of Action and send your Representative a message today, asking them to pass HB 2020!