BREAKING: Oregon is one step closer to making history

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

Breaking news: the Clean Energy Jobs just passed the House! Big thanks to climate champion Rep. Karin Power (pictured to the right), for carrying the bill on the House floor today, where it passed with a vote of 36 to 24. Later this week, HB 2020 will go on to the State Senate for its final vote, most likely on Wednesday or Thursday. We’re almost there! Ask your State Senator to vote yes on HB 2020!

Rep. Karin Power, climate champion and sponsor of HB 2020It’s been a long road – for some, it’s been years. For others, it might be measured in the thousands of phone calls, texts, and emails sent, or significant contributions to support this work. With the help of volunteers, interns, staff, and board members, we’ve made this happen. This is it! Make sure HB 2020 passes: ask your Senator to vote yes when it comes to the Senate floor.

This is the biggest week in our state’s climate history. This will be, hopefully, the culmination of our work for the last six years: all the political strategy, electing champions, building and spending political capital, partnership development, and policy development. This is it.

OLCV and our partners have sent literally more than 10,000 emails and almost 3,000 phone calls just over the last month alone. We’ve had multiple Lobby Days, with more than 1,000 people showing up to Salem from across the state. Now, though, with the final vote coming right up, we need to make our voices heard more than ever. We need Senators to see the strength of our movement and to understand the importance of this vote. Will you urge your Senator to vote yes on HB 2020?

Today and all this week, OLCV and the Renew Oregon coalition⁠—a group of over 830 non-profits, businesses, and individual Oregonians working to promote Oregon as a leader in the fight against climate change⁠—and a community of volunteers are gathering in the Capitol wearing Clean Energy Jobs t-shirts, making sure that legislators see strong support for HB 2020. We’re making sure lawmakers know that Oregonians want climate action; that we want HB 2020 to pass by the end of the week. 

We are going to get this done. We are going to show the rest of the country and the world that there is a pathway forward. And each of us will be able to tell our children and grandchildren that we were there, that we made it happen. Let’s get it done OLCV!