Breaking: climate ballot measures clear first hurdle!

In Ballot Measures, Climate Change by OLCVstaff

Today, we turned in the first signatures needed to bring the proposed ballot measures—100% Clean Electricity and 100% Clean Economy—one step closer to the 2020 ballot. Over 6,000 Oregonians from 25 counties signed the petitions—twice the necessary number of signatures, gathered in less than three weeks.

After the Clean Energy Jobs bill died in the State Senate at the end of the 2019 legislative session—thanks to the anti-democratic Republican walkout—we knew we had to make sure that 2020 would be different. That’s why we joined together with a coalition of environmental groups, small businesses, and climate activists to file three clean energy ballot measure petitions. Tell your elected leaders: if our state senators continue to choose polluters over people, Oregonians are ready to vote for climate action at the ballot in November 2020.

Oregonians—urban and rural, from all corners of the state—overwhelmingly support climate action. The best and most comprehensive way forward remains the Clean Energy Jobs bill because it will reduce dangerous climate pollution while strengthening our economy, and improve our climate resilience by investing in critical programs like wildfire prevention. But, the ballot measures moving forward will ensure that if our legislators let us down again on Clean Energy Jobs, we’ll still have climate action in 2020. Can you send an email to Governor Brown and your legislators, urging them to do their jobs and pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill in 2020?

For our neighbors in California—friends and family for many of us—the smoke-covered skies are a daily reminder that climate change is not just something we’ll face in the future—it’s something that’s happening right now. Climate chaos is setting in, and we have to act now to ensure that the next generation inherits a livable planet. Please join us in writing to Governor Brown and our State Senators and Representatives, and remind them that Clean Energy Jobs is still unfinished business. We’re ready for our state to step up, do its part, and work toward a future that is better for all of us, and not just for a handful of corporate polluters.