Brady and Natalie Bennon

Brady and Natalie Bennon moved to Portland several years ago in their mid-20s, attracted by Portland’s “fabled livability and progressive culture.”  Brady, an avid flyfisher, also relished having access to so many great rivers, while Natalie (a Maryland native) liked Oregon’s temperate climate and beautiful, varied landscapes.

In 2007, they became monthly donors to OLCV, finding this the easiest way to budget their donations and the most effective way for them to support OLCV.

“It’s easy, our membership never lapses, and I never have to mail in a check,” says Natalie.

Natalie and Brady became members of OLCV shortly after moving to Oregon.  Brady joined OLCV’s Multnomah County steering committee, too. That experience showed Brady how powerful OLCV’s work in local elections can be.  OLCV’s endorsement process “forced candidates to think about the issues on a deeper level, beyond simple sound bites, and put power back into the hands of citizens.”

A career change forced Brady to leave the steering committee, but he and Natalie wanted to continue supporting OLCV, so they decided to become monthly donors and spread their giving out year-round.

The issues that concern them most are dealing with climate change and preserving Oregon’s land and wildlife. And as they think about starting a family, “clean air and water are also feeling pretty important.”

Join Natalie and Brady and become a monthly donor today!

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