Ballots are out! Here are candidates to consider…

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This weekend, you should check your mailbox. Why? Because your ballot for the May Special Districts Election should be arriving any day now. Election Day is May 18th, but you don’t have to wait to vote! You can mail it back (no postage needed) or drop it off at a drop box anytime as long as it is received by 8pm on Tuesday, May 18th.

Whether you plan to fill out your ballot this weekend or on Election Day, we know how important it is to learn more about the candidates before you vote. On local races, it’s even more important. You want to know if they share your environmental values, if they are ready to act on climate, and if they will lead with racial justice and equity centered. We hope the information we are sharing helps answer some of these questions about the candidates running in your area.

First, for those who live in the greater Beaverton area or Bend, OLCV is proud to endorse candidates running for your park and recreation boards of directors! Plus, OLCV has endorsed Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg in the special election for Beaverton City Council! Check out the full list of OLCV endorsed candidates for the May Election here.

Second, school board races are incredibly important – even if you don’t have children attending public schools. Whether students will learn about climate change and its impacts to whether our schools are inclusive spaces to how green school buildings are and much more, the decisions are largely up to our school board members. And we get to vote for them.

While OLCV did not conduct a full endorsement process for candidates in school board races, we know information is power. To elect the right leaders, we need to know where they stand on important issues. That’s why we asked candidates for school board races to answer two questions: one on climate leadership and the other on racial justice and equity. You can find out how candidates in your area answered on climate and racial justice here on our website.

You will see there are big differences between the candidates in some of these races. There are some incredibly strong answers from exciting climate and justice leaders running for school board seats. It’s also clear that some candidates ascribe to harmful, anti-climate, extremist views. Information is powerful. Your vote is powerful.

When you go to fill out your ballot, make sure to check out the answers from candidates running in your area. We need elected leaders at every level who share our values. We deserve leaders ready to tackle climate change, protect our environment for future generations, and center racial justice and equity.