Ballots are out: are you ready to vote?

In Election, Endorsements by OLCVstaff

Ballots are on their way to you right now! Are you ready to vote in the primary?

This election, the future is at stake. The IPCC’s most recent report made it clear that we’re running out of time to transition to clean energy and phase out fossil fuels. Summer is right around the corner, bringing back memories of smoky skies, and deadly-high temperatures.

We need to elect climate candidates who are going to steer our state in the right direction, and keep Oregon’s clean energy momentum going. Most importantly, we need to elect a strong climate candidate for governor–and that’s Tina Kotek. As former Speaker of the Oregon House, Tina has been behind all of Oregon’s greatest climate victories in the last decade, and she’s ready to lead as governor on day one. OLCV is proud to endorse Tina Kotek for Oregon governor.

If you’ve looked through your voter’s pamphlet, you might’ve noticed OLCV endorsements next to candidates’ names. You can also check out all of our endorsements at There, you’ll find a list of candidates across the state who stand for environmental justice, clean air and water, and climate action. These are the kinds of candidates we need in office, pushing Oregon toward a brighter future.

You have until election day, May 17th, to return your ballot by mail (it just has to be postmarked by May 17th, but doesn’t even need a stamp–postage is now prepaid), and until 8pm that day to return it via dropbox (you can find a nearby dropbox here). When you get your ballot, I hope you’ll join me in voting for climate candidates, and voting for a better future.

Happy voting,

Lindsey Scholten
Deputy Director, OLCV