Ask for the Oregon Environmental Protection Act to Pass!

In Pollution by OLCVstaff

On Thursday, the Oregon Environmental Protection Act (HB 2250) passed out of committee! Now it’s on to the State House of Representatives. Will you ask your State Representatives to vote yes on HB 2250?

As President Trump and his administration continue to rollback our clean air and water protections, Governor Kate Brown is determined Oregon will resist, and protect “the beauty and bounty of Oregon for future generations.” That’s why she introduced this idea—the Oregon EnvironmentalProtection Act—“to again cement Oregon’s place on the cutting edge of environmental stewardship.”

Help us and Governor Brown pass it!

The Oregon Environmental Protection Act will ensure that Oregon’s standards for clean air and clean water are held to the high standards that were in place before Donald Trump took office. Even if the EPA continues to roll back laws at the federal level, we will still demand clean air and water here in OregonCan you take a minute to ask your Representative to vote yes on HB 2250 when it comes to the floor?

Oregon has come a long way in reducing the pollution of our air and water, but we still have a long way to go. Passing HB 2250 will help us continue our progress in restoring the Willamette, Columbia, Tualatin, and other local rivers into whole, healthy ecosystems. As gathering places for the community, our rivers should be safe to swim in, fish in, and play in.

Will you ask your Representative to pass the Oregon Environmental Protection Act and uphold the high standards in the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts? By passing HB 2250, we’re sending a clear message to the Trump Administration that, here in Oregon, we value the health of our people, and we’re not going to weaken our laws just because of corporate greed at the national level.

Please take action today and urge your Representative to vote yes on HB 2250.