Are fossil fuel companies paying Republican lawmakers who walk out on us?

In Legislative Session by OLCVstaff

Who are Oregon’s Republican legislators really walking out for—their constituents, or the fossil fuels companies sending them money?

The fossil fuel industry will stop at nothing to continue business as usual, including rewarding politicians who vote against climate legislation. Politicians going to extremes—like walking out to stop climate action from passing—is worth a lot to big polluters.

After last year’s walkout, Oregon’s Republican legislators received over $67,000 from big polluters like BP, Chevron, and Koch Industries. How much will they be rewarded with after the walk out this time? Help hold Oregon’s Republican lawmakers accountable by sharing our posts on Facebook and/or Twitter.

A groundbreaking new study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) has found that oil and gas companies consistently reward members of Congress who vote against environmental legislation. Each time they vote against the environment, they receive bigger donations from polluting industries.

This certainly seems to be the case in Oregon. Rob Davis’s award-winning “Polluted by Money” series in The Oregonian illuminated the enormous amounts of money Oregon’s Republican lawmakers have received from fossil fuel interests over the years. Between 2008 and 2016 alone, Oregon’s Republican legislators received a staggering $23.9 million from corporations and industry groups. Could that be why they’re walking out now?

It’s time to call them out. Help hold Oregon’s Republican legislators accountable by sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Oregon’s Republican legislators should be a voice for their constituents, not fossil fuel companies. And, with over 72% of their donations coming from corporations rather than everyday Oregonians, it’s becoming more and more clear who Oregon’s Republican legislators are walking out for.

We hope you’ll join us in holding Oregon’s Republican lawmakers accountable. Oregon’s future is on the line—both the future of our climate, and the future of our democracy. Our elected officials should listen to us—to the people—rather than the big corporations who spend millions. Please share our posts on Facebook and Twitter and help us hold Oregon’s Republican legislators accountable. Let’s spread the word that Oregon’s future—and our democracy—is not for sale.