Action Alert: Pass Inflation Reduction Act Through U.S. House of Representatives

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Amazing news— the Inflation Reduction Act, and the crucial climate provisions it holds have successfully passed the U.S. Senate! Now, it’s headed towards a vote from the U.S. House of Representatives. We’re so close, and have come so far. Help us get this historic climate bill across the finish line this week. Will you send a message to your U.S. representative urging them to fight for our climate by voting “yes” on the Inflation Reduction Act?

This bill represents a major turning point in the battle for our country’s climate. As Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced, it has the potential to shave down carbon emissions in the United States by as much as 40% by 2030.

One way this bill would accomplish this is by investing more in creating clean, renewable energy sources on U.S. soil. This will create reliable networks of emission-free power that can sustain our infrastructure through drastic climate-induced weather events WHILE saving Americans countless dollars on energy bills. We need you to ask your representative to pass the bill right away to make room for clean energy and the economic benefits that accompany it.

In addition, the game-changing climate pieces of the Inflation Reduction Act will create millions of jobs in the production of clean energy and climate-friendly infrastructure, benefitting our national economy as well as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and low-income communities who need a federal commitment to environmental justice the most. 

Some skeptics have expressed apprehension about flaws in the bill, noting that it isn’t as hard on fossil fuel companies as it should be, and we agree this bill is not perfect. Yet despite its imperfections, the Inflation Reduction Act tackles climate change and environmental justice at a scale we haven’t seen before. Climate change will only get worse if urgent action isn’t taken immediately, so we must contact the House of Representatives and push them to do everything in their power to pass this bill.

Thank you for never giving up!

Lindsey Scholten, Deputy Director, OLCV.