Act now before legislators leave the Capitol!

In Climate Change by OLCVstaff

Your legislators are in the Capitol right now for the final hours of Legislative Days. Now’s the time to make your voice heard! With only a month-long legislative session coming up in February, we need to take every opportunity to remind legislators that the Clean Energy Jobs bill is unfinished business. Oregon needs strong climate legislation now more than ever. Send your legislators an email before they leave the Capitol!

The devastating fires in Australia have shown us a glimpse of the future: if we do nothing to act on climate, extreme wildfires and high temperatures will become commonplace, making entire parts of the world uninhabitable for humans. Luckily, we still have a chance to prevent the worst effects of climate change. Will you send an email to your legislators and encourage them to make the Clean Energy Jobs bill as strong as possible?

Right now, Oregon’s leaders are crafting the details of the new version of the Clean Energy Jobs bill. We need to make sure that they keep the bill strong enough to hold industrial polluters accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions.

Unsurprisingly, polluting industries have already reached out to legislators and are trying to weaken the bill. What matters most to fossil fuel corporations is short-term profit, rather than the long-term health and well-being of Oregon’s ecosystems and Oregon’s people.

We can’t sit back and wait for our legislators to do what’s right. We the people have to take action—we have to make the voices of everyday Oregonians louder than those of corporate polluters. Please send an email to your State Senator and State Representative today, and tell them how critical it is that Oregon passes a strong Clean Energy Jobs bill during the 2020 session.