Know the score: OLCV’s Environmental Scorecard for the Oregon Legislature provides the objective facts about how your elected State Senators and Representatives vote on key environmental bills.

The Scorecard is a great tool for voters to see whether they are really being represented in the Legislature. OLCV holds all of our elected officials accountable for voting responsibly to protect Oregon’s environmental legacy.

How Are the Scorecard Votes Chosen?

Experts from Oregon’s environmental organizations nominate votes to include in the Scorecard. A volunteer committee reviews these nominations to identify votes that:

1. Presented a clear choice about whether or not to protect the environment
2. Reflected a cross-section of the environmental issues addressed during the session
3. Were viewed as important by a range of conservation groups

The Scorecard includes only votes where conservation groups communicated with legislators about the pro-environment position and made it known to legislators they were facing a bill with significant environmental impacts.

OLCV generally does not score bills where the environmental community split regarding the bill’s impact on the environment.

The final decision on which votes to score is made by OLCV’s Board of Directors.