A new pedestrian bridge across the Willamette River?

In Transportation by OLCVstaff

Have you heard the news? A car-free bridge could soon link Oak Grove and Lake Oswego, making it easier and safer for cyclists and pedestrians to cross the Willamette River—that is, if the project moves forward. We need your help to make this a reality!

At a public hearing this Friday, local decision makers—elected officials at our city, county, and Metro governments—will be voting on whether to move forward or kill the proposal entirely. Can you send a quick message right now and urge them to support the new bridge project?

As someone who grew up in West Linn, I’ve spent a lot of time riding my bike along the Willamette. The only way to get to the other side is to journey across the narrow, crowded Oregon City Bridge, or bike all the way up to Sellwood. Most often, it’s easiest just to drive. And safer.

But this proposed bridge—known as the New Willamette River Crossing—would make it easier and safer for people in our community to cross the Willamette. Residents of west-side cities like Lake Oswego, West Linn, and Oregon City and east-side cities like Oak Grove, Milwaukie, and Jennings Lodge would all have a safe and easy way to cross the river on their way to work or school. The only vehicles allowed on the bridge would be emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars, improving emergency response during times of high traffic.

Without a doubt, biking or walking to work is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Cars contribute heavily to greenhouse gas emissions, which pollute our air and contribute to climate change. A safe, convenient, car-free bridge would encourage more people to use alternative transportation for their commute. This, in turn, could help reduce the number of cars on the road and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Can you take a moment to send an email to our local decision makers? We need to show them that there’s community support for this much-needed bridge! And, if you have time, please stop by the public hearing this Friday to testify in support. Your voice will make a big difference in whether this project is moved forward or killed!

New Willamette River Crossing Public Hearing

Friday, October 25th
11:00am to 1:00pm

County Building 150 Beavercreek Rd, Room 115, Oregon City, OR 97045

This bridge is our opportunity to link both sides of the Willamette River, to reduce our impact on climate change, improve our air quality, reduce congestion, and make it safer for people to bike and walk where they need to go. Please send a message to decision makers today, and let’s make this bridge a reality!