Governor Kate Brown standing outside in the sun.

A Message from OLCV on the Resignation of Governor Kitzhaber & Transition to Governor Brown

In News by April Christenson

Oregon League of Conservation Voters thanks Governor John Kitzhaber for his service and his commitment to protecting Oregon’s environment, especially his leadership on the critical issue of climate change. We appreciate his long service to the State of Oregon, the health of Oregonians, and his dedication to our environment.


We look forward to working with Governor Kate Brown, and believe that Oregon’s environmental priorities are in good hands. In her six years as Secretary of State and more than 14 years in the Oregon Legislature, Kate Brown’s record speaks for itself. She earned an OLCV lifetime score of 87%, and has supported many key environmental priorities, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing sustainability, promoting more clean energy, increasing energy efficiency, and ensuring cleaner air and water.


OLCV looks forward to collaborating with our new Governor on the many critical issues facing our environment, and working together towards making Oregon a leader in the fight against climate change.