Some photos from our Nature Nearby Photo Contest!

In Photo Contest by OLCVstaff

I’m loving all the photos OLCV members have entered into our Nature Nearby Photo Contest so far! From native tree frogs to herds of elk, it’s been fascinating to see just how much of the natural world we can experience close to home. Thank you to everyone who has submitted their photos! And, if you haven’t yet, you still have until September 1st to enter. Just email your photos to! The winner will be featured at our Virtual Celebration for the Environment on September 11th, and will receive a surprise gift.

Want to see some of the photos we’ve received so far?

This photo is from OLCV member Kris. In 2009, she planted a spruce tree outside her Portland home. 11 years later, it’s finally sprouted its first cone! This, along with her flowers, has been a huge comfort during this crazy time. “Without my garden, the quarantine would have been much bleaker,” Kris wrote.

And I love this picture of a passionflower, sent in by Michael. This somewhat alien-looking tropical flower is growing in his garden outside his SE Portland home. It’s good to see a pollinator at work, as well!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages as we share more photo contest entries! And don’t forget to enter if you haven’t already. You can send up to three pictures to I can’t wait to see what everyone submits!