Clean Fuels Standard 2017: 1 Million Tons Saved

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We received some really great news this week, and I wanted to share it with you. Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard cut 1 million tons of greenhouse gases in just 2017! That’s pollution we prevented from being put into our air and into our lungs.

It’s a big win! OLCV members like you, who help fight for important environmental protections, should take a moment to celebrate. In 2015, the Clean Fuels bill was a top priority for us and with your help it passed. Now, we are seeing it make a difference. It requires annual reductions in carbon pollution from Oregon’s transportation fuel and will ultimately mean cutting 10 percent of carbon pollution from cars and trucks by 2025.

1 million tons less pollution is a huge win.

How does the Clean Fuels Standard work?

It’s a great example of why the work we do to elect environmental champions and pass environmental priorities is so important. It’s also a great example of why we must stay vigilant against threats from big oil. At this moment of clean air success, use our tool below to remind your legislators it’s a million tons worth it to fight back >>

You’ve helped us pass this program and then helped us defend this program, again and again. Even now, with clear, measurable results that it’s working, Big Oil is still after it. As OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) reported just this week:

“Oil companies represented by the Western States Petroleum Association have asked the Oregon Legislature to repeal the program altogether.”

We can’t let them repeal. Clean Fuels is an example of a good policy – one that is working every day to make sure the air is cleaner for all Oregonians, especially those who live near high traffic areas. You should feel proud of the work we accomplished together to get this passed and the success it’s having now. Let’s make sure it’s not undone.

Please take a moment to make sure your legislators know this matters with a quick email today >>