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Implement the Climate Action Resolution!

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Tell Bend City Council: Implement the Climate Action Resolution

On September 7, 2016 the Bend City Council adopted a resolution (3044) that lays out a clear and detailed pathway for Bend to move forward towards reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. The adopted resolution—if implemented—will move Bend in the right direction when it comes to climate action. And it will help the City reduce costs, save money and design a much more livable community.


Support our 2017 Legislative Priorities

Clean Energy Jobs

Make polluters pay for their pollution. Re-invest into job training, renewable energy, clean transit, and energy efficient construction.

SB 557

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Every day we're fighting keep the 82,000 acres of the Elliott State Forest public land.

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Make your voice heard on why you think the Elliott is one of our most valuable natural resources.

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Transportation for Oregon's Future

Invest in a modern transportation system

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Join us in supporting transportation for Oregon's future

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Retiring Oregon's Dirtiest Diesel

Implement a program to retire dirty diesel and require safer standards so everyone has clean air.

Sb 1008

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Protecting Oregon's Rivers

Suction dredge mining is harming our streams and native fish. We're creating permanent protections.

SB 3

Support this permanent protection for aquatic wildlife.

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State Budget

We're fighting to make sure that funding for natural resource agencies and programs are still included in the state budget.

State Budget

Our own budget specialist is working to advocate for valuable programs.