About Us

OLCV believes that to truly protect Oregon’s natural legacy, we can’t afford to ignore politics. And that the quality of our kids’ and grandkids’ futures depend on our active and engaged citizenship today.

Pass laws that protect Oregon’s environmental legacy

During Legislative sessions, OLCV leads the fight to protect the environment in the state legislature, coordinating the Oregon Conservation Network, a statewide coalition of environmental groups that promotes environmental protection in the Legislature. Our local chapters engage in similar efforts with city councilors and county commissioners.

Hold elected officials accountable

For more than 30 years, OLCV has published a Legislative Scorecard after every legislative session that rates individual legislators’ voting records on conservation issues. The Scorecard is an essential tool for voters to separate pro-environment candidates from those who just claim they are.

Elect pro-environment leaders

OLCV works to elect pro-environment candidates. OLCV’s Political Action Committee and local county chapters issue endorsements. Then, we support those endorsed candidates facing tough contests with two crucial resources: money and volunteers.