OLCV Multnomah County Leadership Committee

Our work

As the environmental voice in politics, OLCV works to elect pro-environment candidates and then makes sure they are doing what’s best to protect Oregon’s environmental legacy for generations to come.

The Multnomah County Leadership Committee works locally to identify, endorse, and campaign on behalf of pro-environment candidates throughout the county. For more than a decade, we’ve supported candidates and reached out into our community to insure the environmental priorities of Multnomah County are supported.

We meet monthly to work on OLCV’s priorities for the county and engage with pro-environmental candidates during the electoral year. Our group of dedicated, passionate Leadership Committee members develop outreach events, volunteer groups, and community connections that help support the environmental movement in the county. 

The Leadership Committee is actively recruiting! If you live or work in Multnomah County, have a passion for the environment and an interest in politics, OLCV’s Multnomah County Leadership Committee would love to hear from you! Contact us at multco@olcv.org for more information.