Covanta isn’t who they claim to be

In Major Threat by OLCVstaff

If Senate Bill 451 passes, Oregon would be rewarding the top source of air pollution in Marion County, and one of the top polluters in the state. Oregon would be prioritizing dirty energy over clean energy, and putting corporate interests above human health.

And yet, SB 451—which would allow the Covanta waste incineration plant to receive Renewable Energy Credits—is still being considered by the State Senate. We need your help stopping this bill! Tell your Senator to vote no on SB 451.

SB 451 is Covanta’s bill, through and through. It was their idea, submitted at their request, and now they’re fighting for it. They argue that waste incineration produces clean energy, but that’s simply not true. In fact, Covanta is the largest greenhouse gas emitter in Marion County, and is such a potent source of emissions that it will be regulated under HB 2020, which aims to cap and reduce pollution.

Covanta’s motivation for passing SB 451 is also, allegedly, to save the union jobs of those who work in their Salem facility. But Covanta’s history shows that they’re not as worker-friendly as they claim to be. One complaint reads: “Covanta announced it would no longer pay these employees an annual bonus under a company policy in effect for many years, and explicitly linked elimination of the bonus to employees’ decision to elect union representation.”

Ask your Senator to vote no on SB 451!

The same document is full of Covanta’s violations of environmental standards, including dioxin emissions that were 350% higher than the allowable amount, toxic nickel compounds at more than twice the permissible level, air pollution violations for over five years in a row, emissions of illegal air pollutants for over three years in a row, and a failure to report air quality violations.

So now the truth is out. Covanta is not who they claim to be. On the surface, they stand for clean energy, but if you look a little closer, it becomes clear that the opposite is true. Please, can you take a minute to email your Senator, and ask them to vote no on SB 451? We can’t let this bill pass! Together, we can make our voices louder than Covanta’s.